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20 Churchill St, Narembeen WA 6369
Phone (08) 9064 7302

Yes. Christmas 2018

CHRISTMAS, Arrrgggghhhh! Did I scare you? It scares me to say it! I mean who in their right mind would want to be talking about Christmas, it’s only March!

Well, one thing we have learnt upon opening Three-0-Two is that Christmas decorations are ordered NOW!

How crazy right?

Safe to say we were pretty shocked too! Christmas was literally just two months ago, we really only just got back from holidays….nothing like getting straight back into it!!! But when you think about it, Christmas decoration usually starts appearing in October so that only gives you a few months to get organised from an ordering point of view!

So shopping for Christmas decorations right now can be a little depressing, but also fun!

Yes it’s fun unwrapping the goodies when they arrive in October, I mean really…who could possibly remember what we ordered back in March?!?

It’s like Christmas coming early – we get to unwrap all these cool things that caught our eye way back at the start of the year! We do act like kids in a candy shop when they arrive at the shop. And so the Christmas craze starts!

We absolutely love Christmas!

Now don’t get us wrong, we both absolutely love Christmas time. Here in Narembeen, it means lots of things, including: harvesting, paddock lunches, super crazy times at school, barbeques, heat waves, wheat bins, dust, more dust, too many social events, oh…and a spot of shopping!

We both love this time of year, it’s exciting. You can’t really beat an Australian summer, and it’s super exciting for us to be able to bring the shopping experience to our customers closer to home!


We’re so impressed with our Christmas décor brand – Papaya! Their range is just divine and the story within the range is so sweet.

It’s so hard to pick bits and pieces from each ‘story’ to match in with each other, but Papaya make it so easy with versatile and matching themes throughout their range! WE WANT IT ALL!

This year, chestnut colours mixed with white options, feathers, twinkle lights of course, and lots of textures will be featured throughout the items we have chosen! Keep an eye out for the sweet wooden nativity set we have picked out – it’s sure to be a popular choice with our customers. And as the saying goes, get in quick – or it may not be there when you come back!

Time to start planning - sorry Andy!

Now, we also have to listen to Andy complain about us prettying up the ‘girls’ side of the shop and getting all excited about Christmas. But soon enough, out pops the Christmas lights and he begrudgingly pulls out the blow-up Christmas décor from the Hardware side!

Out comes the Christmas tree, lights go up and we start planning our window display for the local CRC window display competition. And isn’t the competition fierce?!?

The Christmas excitement is quite infectious, now we just have to keep a lid on it until October!!!! And for all the Christmas Grinch’s out there – it’s never too early to put up your tree!!