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Autumn/Winter 2018 Trends

Well this time of the year is always exciting for us! Whilst everyone is sheltering inside out of the heat, or taking a dip in the pool to cool the body temp down, we are frantically trying to pick products for Autumn/Winter! Wool jumpers – no thanks, pants – jeeze that’s keen, Christmas decorations – say what!?!

Cluse Black Watch

Snuggly sweaters

So getting our head around what will be awesome this Autumn/Winter, deciding on what will be cool and what’s not, is kinda tricky!!!

Last week, appointments in Perth saw us looking through clothing that looked really snuggly – but made you want to sweat just looking at it, and trying to predict trend colours for the year of 2018!

Lucky for us we just pick the things we love and our customers seem to respond well to our choices! Two stylish girls we are! HAHA!

Gorgeous soft pinks

Looking at 2018 were seeing a few colour trends and we’re loving what we’re seeing! Gorgeous soft pinks will feature lots throughout the store, from our new bathroom towel range by Bambury, to sweet pink clutches and handbags by Louenhide.

Pink seems to scheme alongside of whites, blacks and greys perfectly, allowing you to mix and match those occasional pieces we add to our homes.

You may see a bit of ‘mushroom’ pink coming through, so no bright colours, just lots of pinks with softer undertones.

Throughout our Louenhide range we are seeing some gorgeous mochas and sand colours, so if you’re known to wear a bit of brown – then this is your accessory year!!! Did someone say accessorize!!!

Lots of metallics are also present in 18, which we all know jazz’s up any outfit to ‘partaayy’ mode! With the Louenhide range we have some metallic steel, metallic brass and even metallic silver!

Our ever popular beauty bags/cases have returned also with some really different colours for Autumn/Winter, including GOLD and Bronze!! We definitely know how to make you look shiny!

Baby Olsen Pink Champagne Internal

Snuggly sweaters

This week has been super busy instore with loads of new arrivals, we’ve had a drop from Louenhide, launched our new brand Cluse, and also received a massive injection from Ladelle! We really love this brand (yes, so they’re not just tea-towels!) such easy, funky and functional pieces that are the perfect match for anyone’s home! Not to mention affordable!

The products featured for Autumn/Winter 18 make perfect gifts too! And let’s face it – what girl doesn’t like more kitchen goods to add to the cupboard!

We have lots of charcoal, white, grey and mocha colours – and a splash of mint (we don’t think that colour will ever go out of fashion!) And yes – the ever popular serve sticks are back – so get in quick, these babies ran out fast!

Now back to Christmas decorations! I know right? So crazy! It is funny though – we love October when our Christmas Papaya order comes through the door!

It is seriously like opening Christmas presents, we ordered so long ago we can’t remember what we got!!! But more on that next week…